Technical bulletin



ACTYBIO A1RS is a high-performance preservative that has a synergistic composition, giving excellent preservation to wet materials, offering a wide activity spectrum against bacteria, fungi and yeasts.


ACTYBIO A1RS is composed of isothiazolinones and formaldehyde donors.


ACTYBIO A1RS has a broad spectrum of action and can be used in paint preservation decorative emulsion based on aqueous resins styrene-acrylic, styrene-butadiene, vinyls, alkyds, spackle, plasters and fillers, adhesives and cutting fluids.

It has great efficiency against the microorganisms responsible for this degradation and its dispersion in the product, acts homogeneously in the packaging, always providing full protection, regardless of sedimentation or separation phases that may be formed.

Its active principles provide fast-kill action (coming from the aldehyde) and residual action (coming from the isothiazolinone), ideal characteristics for perfect protection against anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, fungi and yeasts in the wet state (in-can preservation).