Construction Chemicals

ATC BIOCIDES manufacture and supply a wide range of products for protection of CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS. Recent changes to air quality regulations have restricted the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in many construction related products. As VOCs are replaced with water-based solutions, products have become more prone to contamination from bacteria, yeasts and fungi because microbes flourish in wet environments. Biocides therefore have become even more important to preserve most critical building materials, including concrete, wood, drywall, and asphalt shingles. Preservation with appropriate biocides inhibits this build‐up, protecting product integrity and worker safety. These biocides are designed to be of a nontoxic, low odour nature and are designed to be extremely attractively priced. They have been formulated within our laboratory to offer a wide range of protective qualities, to a large selection on industrial construction chemicals used across the construction industry.  They are manufactured from the best raw materials and offered in a a variety of molecular forms, or blends of molecules. In this way ATC BIOCIDES are able to offer every conceivable product protection required by our customers. If, however, the product you need is not on our range now, simply contact us and we can manufacture exactly what you require.