Metal Working Fluids

Metalworking fluids are mostly manufactured from emulsions of oil in water contain additives such as corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and defoamers. Microbial contamination of these fluids is very common, and some of the ingredients serve as nutrients for contaminating microorganisms. Biocides for metal working fluids are almost essential to protect product from microbial contaminations and growth. Ideally, a biocide for METAL WORKING FLUID should have a broad-spectrum activity, be usable at low concentrations, be compatible with any formulation and be stable over time, they should retain effectiveness as the product is used over time and becomes progressively dirtier. They should have no corrosive action on the metals, and present no danger to humans and the environment.  

ATC BIOCIDES have a long list of suitable products with different molecules, or mixtures of molecules, to offer preservation of METAL WORKING FLUIDS.