Technical bulletin



ACTYBIO MBB is a preservative formulated with three different highly effective active ingredients, which in combination provide complementary modes of action, leading to robust, wide-ranging effectiveness and long-term effectiveness against damage caused by bacteria, yeasts and fungi.


ACTYBIO MBB is a combination of three highly effective actives, 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT), 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (MIT) and Bronopol.


ACTYBIO MBB was developed to combine fast action with good long-term efficacy deadline. ATC BIOCIDE MBB is a combination of active ingredients that can be used in difficult to preserve applications. Bronopol has long been known to act as a stabilizer for isothiazolinones.

Combinations of isothiazolinones and Bronopol can be very effective in many products where isothiazolinones alone do not show sufficient efficacy. Bronopol has a highly complex mechanism of action, which is different from that of isothiazolinones.

Therefore, a weakness of isothiazolinones against Pseudomonas can be compensated for, so the risk of isothiazolinone resistant bacteria is minimized by different mechanisms of action.

– Wide spectrum of activities

– Stability against high alkalinity and high temperatures

– Effective against Pseudomonas

– CMIT free

– Formaldehyde free

ACTYBIO MBB is intended for the preservation of aqueous technical preparations, such as paints and other aqueous coatings, polymer emulsions, plasters, knife fillers, pigment pastes, paper coatings, inks, synthetic and natural adhesives, cleaners, detergents, and similar products.