Technical bulletin



ACTYBIO ECOPRO 400 is a highly concentrated fungicide that offers a combination of fungicidal active properties with different modes of action, highly effective and a broad-spectrum for the control of fungus.

Recommended for use in the preservation of pickled, wet-blue, wet-white, semi-finished vegetal tanned hides or skins, being especially recommended for use in the retanning process.


Preparation of p-chloro-m-cresol (PCMC) and octyl-isothiazolinone (OIT).


Due to its special combination of active ingredients, ACTYBIO ECOPRO 400 has a broad spectrum of activity against fungi that can damage leather. The product was specially designed for the fungal treatment of automotive and furniture upholstery.

ACTYBIO ECOPRO 400 is also recommended as a preservative for leather production for footwear, clothing, bags, linings and in particular, shavings. It is suitable and stable for the conservation of wet blue, wet white and vegetable tanned leathers during processing as well as during storage.

ACTYBIO ECOPRO 400 was developed to be applied as a single fungicide. However, it can also, be applied in combination with other fungicides such as TCMTB, for example, ACTYBIO EFU, ACTYBIO OS30 or ACTYBIO OS50.