Technical bulletin



ACTYBIO ECB 300 is a broad-spectrum biocide designed to inhibit algae growth, bacteria, yeasts and fungi in process waters used in various industrial applications. It is effective in acidic and alkaline environments, being especially effective against sulphate reducing bacteria (BRS).

– Powerful microbicide with exceptionally fast action.

– Low toxicity

– Biodegradable and has no cumulative effect.

– Decomposes quickly for environmentally friendly products

– Soluble in water and insoluble in oils.

– Effective over a wide pH range.


ACTYBIO ECB 300 is composed of tetrakishydroxymethyl phosphonium sulphate.


ACTYBIO ECB 300 is used to control microbial growth in field applications oil, such as water injection systems, hydraulic fracturing, water treatment production. The unique mechanism of action of the ATC BIOCIDE ECB 300 allows it to not only kill microorganisms, but also reduce hydrogen sulphide concentrations.

– Inhibits microbial growth in improved oil recovery systems, water treatment, industrial cooling towers and in the pulp and paper industry.

– Broad-spectrum biocide against a variety of bacteria, especially toxin-reducing bacteria, sulphate (BRS) and algae.

– Miscible in all proportions with every type of water, including sea water.

– Excellent chemical stability and good compatibility with most chemicals for water treatment.