Technical bulletin


Textile Antimicrobial

ACTYBIO A5Z is highly effective for antimicrobial treatment of textiles, providing broad-spectrum antimicrobial performance against fungi, yeasts and bacteria in textile materials and low toxicity to humans and the environment.

  • Provides excellent antimicrobial activity.
  • Suitable for synthetic fabrics, blends and cellulosic fibers.
  • Excellent washing resistance,
  • Treatment is safe and non-toxic.


ACTYBIO A5Z is an aqueous dispersion of zinc pyrithione.


ACTYBIO A5Z is highly active against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of textile materials containing synthetic and natural fibers such as polyester, polycotton, cotton and nylon. For applications such as bedding, mattress fabric, socks, clothing underwear, sportswear, office and workshop uniforms, home textiles, automotive textiles and mats.

It has excellent fixation, remaining on the fabric even after several washing processes.