Technical bulletin



ACTYBIO A41RS is a high-performance preservative that has a multi-synergic composition, suitable for protecting water-based products. It promotes protection of susceptible products that can be spoiled by bacteria, yeasts and fungi inside storage containers.


ACTYBIO A41RS is composed of a blend of isothiazolinones and Hemiacetal.


ACTYBIO A41RS has a broad spectrum of action and can be used in paint preservation and coatings, adhesives, polymer emulsions, plasters, slurries, additives, pigment dispersions and ceramic glazes.

Its active components provide excellent protection for in-can ink preservation properties, emulsions and water-based products, by having great efficiency against microorganisms responsible for this type of degradation and for its dispersion in the product. It acts homogeneously in the packaging, always providing full protection, regardless of sedimentation or any settlement phases that may occur.

ACTYBIO A41RS provides complete, fast and effective protection against bacteria, fungi and yeasts without affecting the properties or physical aspects of the final product.