Technical bulletin



ACTYBIO A2125 is a low toxicity biocide specifically developed for complete microbiological protection of water-based products against damage by bacteria and fungi in the wet state. This product is formaldehyde free.


ACTYBIO A2125 is formed by compounds of isothiazolinones and a non-donor organic halide, formalin.


ACTYBIO A2125 was specially developed to guarantee the total preservation of the wet state for latex-based ink formulations, PVA adhesives, polymer emulsions, printing inks and home care products.

It has a broad spectrum of action against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria (including the genus of “bacteria Pseudomonas sp.” as well as against filamentous fungi, moulds and yeasts in a wet state (In-can preservation).

It is totally soluble in water and odourless, easy to handle and incorporate in production processes.

ACTYBIO A2125 replaces formaldehyde and its derivatives with advantages as a preservative for household products.